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Q: Is Take it Away a registered non-profit?

A:  Yes, Take It Away is a non-profit that is incorporated in North Carolina and has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the federal government.  This means that our donors can write-off their donations for tax purposes.


Q:  How are the funds Take It Away raises used?

A:  Take it Away raises funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF).  The CFF has done a wonderful job of educating the public, raising funds, and investing in life changing therapies and drugs.  Our mission is closely aligned with that of the CFF. You can read more about the CFF and its mission here.


Q:  If Take it Away is raising funds for the CFF, why would I not just donate directly to them?

A:  We encourage anyone who wants to make an impact in the lives of those with CF to donate to the CFF.  Like we said, it is where all our funds go!  However, the benefit of donating to Take It Away is that we are a local non-profit that invests and multiplies your donations through community outreach, events, and commerce.  Simply said, we help your donations go further to help the CF community.

Q:  Does Take it Away have any paid employees?

A: No. All of our employees and volunteers donate their time so that more of the funds raised can help the CF community.

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